Stupid people

You know what I hate. People who get all pouty when things dont go their way. Oh look at me I'm a poor sad sould, feel sorry for me. Well you know what. GET THE FUCK OVER IT. DO SOMETHING CONSTRUCTIVE WITH YOU PATHETIC LIFE.

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I am so going to hurt someone(preferably my english teacher). I work so hard in that class and it's never good enough. And does my teacher care that I work 2 jobs, oh no, of course not! I'm in college now and should be more responsible. I bust my ass to do all these stupid essays and on the last one I got a 60%!!! WTF????!!!!!! Apprently this teacher could care less that I havnt been in school for about 7 years. You do forget that stuff you know. I just hope she lets me re-do it. Im a good student damnit! An honor student even! I give up. This class is depressing. Why try when you know that no matter how hard you try your just ganna get a bad grade anyway.
Ok, im done now, think i'll go cry whatever.

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Well, I decided to join a community where I could rant, rave, scream and yell with people like me. I have some serious anger issues. I snap at people. I am judgmental. And I'm a bitch. Yet for some reason people like me. Why is that? Actually my list of friends is gradually getting smaller so I thought..."Hmmmm, maybe I have a problem?"
Its a little late for me to be spilling my life story right now. So I'll save all the drama for later.
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I'm new here in this community.

and the worst thing in the world happened to me, today.
A gay dude made a pass at me. >8(

he wouldn't leave me the hell alone.
I...wanted... to...CHOKE...his...ass.
I despise gay boys. Girls?
There's not much they can do with each other in my opinion.

But with guys, that's just fucking nasty.
Today is the worst day of my life by far.
This day couldn't get any shittier.
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Hey I just joined this community, it looks great :) I hope here i can vent some anger, i always seem to do it in the wrong places and i get myself in trouble and i anger other people...
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to be honest i tried my hardest.

hey peoplez.. im new to live journal and was i searching around to see if i could find people who i can relate too. i've been suffering from depression for about 7 years that i know for. talking to therepist and people like that seems like a waste of time. so what else is there to do. neway. just wanted to say hello
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i'm new.
i'm here because we all get depressed or down sometimes and it helps to vent.
if anyone needs someone to talk to or just needs someone to listen to them i'm always here for you to vent.

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HEY! I need pics of people flipping off the camera. I'm making a background for an e-zine that I run. If anyone is interested, please feel free to send them to If you have a website, please include the link and the name of your site...I need your nick (DJ name or just a nickname will work). Your face doesn't have to be in the pic if you don't want it to be. The pics need to be 100 x 100...if you don't have a graphics prog to size your pic down, send it anyhow and I'll do it.

Many thanks to advance :o)

Grr, have you ever been so mad that you've actually wanted to kill someone and take another and run?

That probably makes no sense what so ever. It does to me, though. For the longest time I have liked a guy. He used to like me... or so I was told. We had the best relationship. It never turned into anything, but it was a very trusting friendship that was said to last a lifetime. Me and him used to be so differant with echother. We would talk and joke around, and we trusted echother. He was and is the only person I trust in my life. Insane. Then a while back I heard about how he wanted to kiss me. Then some dumb blonde bitch named Jamie came into the picture, talked shit, never even knew me, and stole him away from me. I warned him about this trash he picks up. He's such a sweet and sensitive guy. He's so caring. He's been the only man in my life that's ever meant anything to me. I could never hurt him. Didn't he see that he had someone who wanted him more than anything in the world, standing right in front of his eyes!? I warned him about these girls. Now here's my next story. It's about a girl names Liz. I knew she was trouble from the minute I talked to her. I saw a girl using Dan for self-pity, who would leave him at any minute. Then I found out from a girl who knows her better than any that she is a "slut" and "craves pity" and is "using dan" and is "terrible". I was fucking right. Grrr. I felt so hurt. The one thing i want, I can't have. And I have to watch this happen to me and him. Does anybody have any idea what I'm talking about?
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