Taiki Hasegawa (toguro) wrote in vent_hatred,
Taiki Hasegawa

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I'm new here in this community.

and the worst thing in the world happened to me, today.
A gay dude made a pass at me. >8(

he wouldn't leave me the hell alone.
I...wanted... to...CHOKE...his...ass.
I despise gay boys. Girls?
There's not much they can do with each other in my opinion.

But with guys, that's just fucking nasty.
Today is the worst day of my life by far.
This day couldn't get any shittier.
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still homophobic?
oh, don't worry about the date. My computer's stupid
ah i c, well i cant make you change who you are, but you shouldnt be worried about gay guys hitting on you, unless they touch you or violate you in some way, its just like a girl you don't like hitting on you, take it as a complement and politely explain why you are not interested (i.e.your straight)